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Quotes ICE was recommended to me years ago when the company I formerly used decided to no longer serve individuals. Over the years I have received excellent and timely service from the ICE staff. My most recent order arrived in the blink of an eye -- thank you to Jacqueline! I very much appreciate arriving overseas already equipped with a stash of local currency. Quotes
Satisfied client for nearly 20 years! 4/22/16

Quotes My husband and I have used International Currency Exchange several times. We are always pleased with the professionalism and courtesy of the staff. The currency is always delivered to us quickly and in the denominations we have requested. It is a please to deal with International Currency Express. Quotes
Pleased client

Quotes I have been purchasing foreign currency from International Currency Express for about eight years. I just completed my most recent transaction of buying Polish Zloty for an upcoming trip to Poland. This is probably my sixth purchase and it was just as smooth, accurate, quick AND friendly as all the rest! I you want a no-hassle transaction, that gives you the best rates you need to try these PEOPLE if you haven't already done so. Thank you for a job well done. Dana Quotes
Dana Abrams
Happy Customer

Quotes This is my third time using Every transaction I have had with this company has been excellent. Their rates are great and their customer service is top notch! I was in a rush for my last currency order and they expedited my order and had it in the mail the same day! Thank you so much! Byron Quotes
Byron Taylor

Quotes I use ICE a couple of times a year and have to say that their customer service is great. Always get the denominations requested and promptly delivered. Quotes
Marion Cantwell
Happy Customer

Quotes I am a Travel Agent and I have never found a more professional provider to purchase from. The service is exceptional, the procedure fast, easy and accurate! Best of all the rate is the most competitive in the market for most overseas currencies widely used. I highly recommend this firm, and will remain loyal for their reliability, accuracy, rates and service. Quotes
Exceptional Service with a quick & easy process to buy currency

Quotes As a currency note collector, my requests are small and difficult. I have used International Currency Express twice. My first visit they were very quick and helpful. My second visit was for more obscure currencies and obviously, it took them some time, but they came through! My collection grows! Thanks! Quotes
John McIntyre

Quotes I purchased from ICE based on other people's positive reviews. I analyzed the company extensively and did an internet transaction using their e-check option. I received the currency in 6 business days and was very impressed with their communication and service. I received a mixture of bills with a good representation of small notes and no large notes which would be difficult to receive change from in rural locales. I comparison shopped and feel I saved enough for a nice dinner in Lima, Peru upon arrival. I highly recommend the services of International Currency Express, Inc. Quotes
Mike Low
Happy Camper

Quotes After having to fiddle with airport currency exchanges at the last minute I decided to look for a currency exchange to buy in advance of the trip. After searching the Internet for a reliable online exchange I decided on this particular business after a very satisfying "chat" session. Of course the first endeavor brought a bit of trepidation but the smooth transaction, accurate process information, and eventual currency delivery, all exactly as promised, has alleviated my fears. I'm far from finished traveling and this company will be my future source for currency as needed. I recommend them to anyone needing foreign currency. Quotes
Larry Coppock
Retired Traveler

Quotes You were recommended by a friend who was very pleased with your service. We will recommend you to others because we too were pleased with your service. Thank you for responding so quickly. Quotes
Gabrielle Vereecke
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